The Programmable Money Technology Stack is the Most Valuable Segment of the Cryptocurrency Market.


While a broad range of use cases have been predicted for blockchain, the most valuable use cases for cryptocurrencies are forms of “Programmable Money”. Programmable Money delivers currencies, banks, and financial instruments with new utility and potential value in the trillions of dollars.

Enables Blockchain Technology

Crypto and blockchain platforms are optimized to move slowly and never break, a uniquely good fit for use cases involving money. Programmable Money solves previously unsolved problems:

  • Seizure-Resistant Store of Value — cryptocurrencies are cryptographically secured, seizure-resistant, non-sovereign digital assets. We can now transfer $10 million in one hour between countries for a fee of $2 without a bank.
  • Privacy — new cryptographic techniques such as zk-SNARKs enable true privacy and anonymity. Private coins enable crypto equivalents to private banking ecosystems. Many banking and insurance businesses will take advantage of these privacy-preserving technologies.
  • Smart Contracts for Financial Services — smart contracts are software eating contracts. Instruments for derivatives, securitization of assets, lending, escrow, and insurance can now be expressed as software code. These smart contract platforms will often have strong regional network effects due to their interaction with regulation and regional norms.

Foundation Of A Multi-Trillion Dollar New Technology Stack.

The largest market size is for cryptocurrencies and companies in the Programmable Money category. Programmable Money tokens can earn a premium on their utility as non-sovereign, monetary stores-of-value and touch trillion dollar markets in securities, derivatives, and banking. Companies built on these tokens can transform industries yet to be disrupted by the Internet.

Early Stage Technology Mindset And Specialized Firms

The technology-driven nature of Programmable Money suggests assessing these assets via deep technology diligence (running protocol nodes, auditing code bases, meeting technical teams) and early-stage market analysis (user and network adoption, exchange utilization, etc.). “Companies” in crypto can be liquid tokens, illiquid tokens, equity, or equity-token hybrids. In addition, crypto firms must be able to self-custody a diverse set of assets and write software to participate in the market directly (staking, helping secure early stage networks).

Web3 Founders See the Future. We Work With Them to Build It.

Web3 founders need a new kind of partner. One with deep understanding of community governance, token economics, cryptography, and distributed systems.

Hands-on Protocol Expertise

  • Governance

    Founders leverage Electric's deep knowledge of governance frameworks, and can rely on us to participate actively.

  • Liquidity

    We work closely with founders to stake tokens and provide liquidity where and when they need it.

  • Tokenomics

    Founders work closely with Electric to craft the best tokenomics for their product and community.

  • Custom Solutions

    Founders can lean on our engineering and design teams to build, improve, or optimize infrastructure and user-facing products.

Product & Strategy Guidance

  • Design Service

    We hired a team of world-class designers that founders can lean on for product design, UI/UX reviews, and more.

  • Interview Design

    Great founders need great teams. We've interviewed hundreds of people at top tech companies, and can help teams design robust interview loops.

  • Metrics Design

    Founders need to focus on the right metrics for their protocol. Our technical team can help identify and dashboard the metrics that matter most.

Thoughtful Community Building

  • A Global Village

    Founders join a world-class community that spans other Web3 founders, Web2 founders, and industry experts. These groups come together for intimate dinners and events.

  • Protocol Partnerships

    We proactively look for opportunities to connect great founders and communities to one another.

Project Funding

We invest in iconic Web3 founders at the earliest stages and beyond, in equity or tokens.

  • ARCx

    Scoring protocol that issues DeFi Passport to improve credit scores.

  • Aurora

    EVM built on the NEAR Protocol, providing a high-throughput, scalable platform with low fees.

  • Anoma

    Proof-of-stake protocol enabling private, asset-agnostic cash and bartering.

  • 4K

    Platform that bridges asset ownership across physical and digital worlds.

  • Zeta Markets

    Decentralizes finance futures and options exchange on Solana.

  • Tonic

    Decentralized protocol for fast trading of any asset on NEAR and Aurora.

  • Tokemak

    Market making protocol providing sustainable DeFi liquidity and capital-efficient markets.

  • Taker Protocol

    Cryptocurrency liquidity protocol for NFTs.

  • Syndicate Protocol

    Decentralized asset management platform and social network.

  • Swivel Finance

    Decentralized protocol for fixed-rate lending and interest-rate derivatives.

  • OAK Network

    Trustless automation for Web3.

  • Marlin

    Layer-0 scaling solution for public blockchains.

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